About Lady Helen Nurseries

About Lady Helen Nurseries
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Lady Helen Nurseries

Lady Helen Nurseries is located in Cardenden and is one of the few traditional working nurseries left in Fife. Established in 1988, the nursery is run by Maggie and Ross who are on hand to help you with your gardening questions and to offer top advice. Most of the bedding plants are sown on the premises and are pricked out, watered and nurtured all by hand. Pesticides etc. that are used in the production of our plants are kept to a minimum.

At Lady Helen Nurseries, we pride ourselves on the quality and range of our produce. The bulk of our plants are grown on in April and May in unheated polytunnels and glasshouses, saving energy and meaning we are more environmentally friendly than many other retailers. Before sale, your plants are exposed to night temperatures to harden them off. The finished plants are ready to plant in your garden and will perform well into the autumn.

Our bedding plants are available for sale towards the end of May each year. We have a wide selection of quality bedding plants on offer, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect plants for your garden. Additionally, we offer a huge range of premium plants for hanging baskets and pots, as well as vegetable plants such as leeks, onion, tomatoes and more. In December, we also sell gorgeous Christmas wreaths. 

Opening Times


Bedding Season: 22nd May to 30th June from 9 am to 6 pm
Closed from early July until next season


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